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Red Room Collective - Hell-Broth Zine
  • Red Room Collective - Hell-Broth Zine

    The Red Room Collective are proud to present their first, limited edition Zine, Hell-Broth. Over many months we came together to explore the alchemical and the occult, producing a collaborative Zine with unique prints in each edition. 


    Crafted in a handmade envelope coated in a silver-gelatin emulsion, the works lie loose. Shuffle them up or lay them out, you'll find solargraphs, lifted polaroids, silver gelatin prints and more inside.


    The Red Room Collective:

    Maddie Hepner

    Millie Bull

    Abby Ching

    Zoe Spaleta

    Kate Matthews


    With thanks to private sponsorship and as always, PhotoAccess. 


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